Friday, September 25, 2015

Quick like a heart attack

How many of us have responded to an emergency? How did you find out about it? Most of us probably just stumbled onto a scene. After all, we don't have a Dispatch Operator talking us through the day.

But we could have a head's-up, thanks to modern, ubiquitous technology: your smartphone.

Pulse Point is an application that can direct amateur first responders in the local area of a heart attack to quickly respond, perhaps before the professionals can get there. Minutes and seconds count, when a person is not getting enough oxygen into their bloodstream. They need immediate CPR to sustain them until equipment and professional medical attention can be directed.

Alternately, you might be the one in need of assistance or equipment. Pulse Point can also direct you to the nearest AED being maintained by a public agency or private organization.

Check out the app today and maybe it'll save your life or that of someone you care about.

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