Friday, October 2, 2015

Gun Spree Zones

The usual suspects are already out calling for more control over this shooting in Southern Oregon even though at least one person qualified and capable of resisting the bad guy was made greatly less effective by lack of having his own gun. 

Reports vary between 10 and 13 dead, around 20 wounded. Witnesses say the perp had time to "huddle people together and hold dialogues on their religion" and the rest of us with any common sense or experience are flabbergasted that no one shot him while he was monologuing. Tellingly, the people most directly involved aren't calling for more victim disarmament.

 As a trainer for DHS on Law Enforcement Active Shooter Emergency Response, the thing that was hammered in over and over is that the longer we take to neutralize the bad guy, the longer he has to hurt and kill people. We KNOW that the encounter will end in one of three ways.

1. The perp will kill himself.
2. He will surrender, or
3. Someone (either LE or bystander) will use enough force to disable or kill him.

About half the time, the perp kills himself at the first sign of effective resistance by anyone before LE even gets on scene. This is not the fault of LE. Simply displaying a handgun worked in the Clackamas town Center shooting.

Time to end victim disarmament. No more "gun free zones" becoming "gun spree zones".

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