Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Policing our own

So this is what happens when a legitimate shooter does something wrong. They get critiqued, chastised, and punished as necessary.

The thing is, as responsible gun owners, we don't excuse bad behaviour. Unlike so many on "the other side" we KNOW we are responsible. When someone makes a bad call, or isn't sufficiently trained, we don't cover for them, or make excuses. We don't have a police union, a collective bargaining agreement, or qualified immunity to cover us; we can't afford to make mistakes.

We're going to discuss it, take lessons from it, and broadcast them so others learn from the mistake.

Shoplifting and thievery are not capital crimes. If no innocent person is in immediate jeopardy of serious bodily injury or death, deadly force or force that has a likelihood of causing death or serious bodily injury is NOT justified against the perpetrator.

End of lesson.

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